From the Presbyter’s desk

My Dear Parishioners,


Most people are so concerned with trivialities and protocol that they completely fail to see the reasons why they are here on earth. There are only three things in life that really matter – love, forgiveness and gratitude. Get these right and nothing else really matters; everything else will fall into place without a struggle. Of course you will still have challenges in your life but they will no longer seem insurmountable. Solutions will present themselves much more readily!

It isn’t a coincidence that nearly all the songs we hear on the radio are about love because love really is what “makes the world go round”. Without love we are nothing. I am not referring specifically to romantic love; we can love in many different ways. But the love of God goes beyond any mortal feelings. Regardless of what some religions may preach about God being jealous or demanding, that isn’t true. God is pure love, nothing else. He loves us all without reservation, without judgment, no matter what we do in our lives or even if we believe in His existence. Hate is self destructive; it never hurts the person it is aimed at, only ourselves. Love is a much better solution.

We tend to think that when we have problems that someone else is to blame. But that is not the case at all. It is our own perception of the situation. We blame others so that we can avoid looking at the real issue behind the problem.

Problems occur for one reason only and that is so we may learn a lesson. And that lesson is often about forgiveness.

Do you want a better life than what you have right now? I think most of us do. An important factor in improving your life is gratitude. When we take a little time each day to give thanks for what we have, we will open a channel to receive more of the good things. This is just the way the universe works. Thank God for the gifts you receive every day, thank your partner for being with you (and maybe putting up with your bad habits), thank your friends for being there for you when you need them, thank your children for choosing you to be their parent. There are many things to give thanks for every day.

So life isn’t about blame, it’s about learning forgiveness. It isn’t about hate; it’s a lesson in love. And it isn’t about resentment; it’s a lesson in gratitude. As we practice love & forgiveness, and incorporate them into our daily living, the quality of our lives is vastly improved. And you will feel different because your life will be more peaceful and harmonious than it ever has been before. And you will attract a great deal more of what is good into your life.

If you have someone in your life that needs forgiveness due to past mistakes, maybe it’s time for you to experience the power of love for it forgives all mistakes.
Everyone in your life is a gift to be cherished; therefore, don’t waste your life holding grudges caused by egos .
If you have someone in your life that you love dearly, but are having a hard time forgiving them or yourself for some past situation, open your heart and ask yourself if you are being too hard. Many times people will anchor negative emotions into their sub-conscious and not even remember why they felt the pain in the first place. If you have someone that you have hurt in the past, maybe it’s time for you to ask for their forgiveness, too.

Even when Jesus was dying on the cross, he said, “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.” He understood, at the highest level of awareness that people do dysfunctional things, usually caused by egos manipulation of truth.

Never forget how powerful your thoughts influence what is brought to you each day. By harboring grievances from the past, you are only holding yourself back from increasing your own energy vibration, and it’s always your own choice to grow and increase happiness or to stay stuck where you are today.

Yours in his Service,
Rev (Dr.) P. C. Kalsekar
All Saint’s Church, Pune