Sunday School

It is wonderful to see how the Sunday School has been growing. It has been blessed with wonderful children and a committed teacher. Sunday School is an ideal place for our children to fellowship with each other. We should learn from our children the concept of fellowship, as we see them gel and make friends so easily and grow up with it.

We watch the children come in…some strolling in, some running, some tugging their parents along; many with a smile. The teachers come with a sense of responsibility.

As we groom the children spiritually at Sunday School, it is very important that parents make a sincere effort in spending time with their children in spiritual nourishment because imparting of the Word of God begins at home through family fellowships. Through these important learning years, Sunday school complements the efforts of parents, to build a strong spiritual base. This in turn will help our children through trials and temptations of life ahead.

The Sunday School for the year ends with the much looked forward to Prize Day which is held along with the Christmas Tree programme during which was a special service is conducted by Sunday School. Prizes are given away by our Pastor for excellence in memory verse, overall class activity and attendance. Special songs and skits are also rendered on the occasion.

We request our parents to make a sincere effort in sending their children to Sunday School regularly and if the children are not yet in the Sunday School, this is the best time to send them. Volunteers and teachers are also welcome.

Please continue to uphold them in your prayers, as the teachers strive to make these impressionable minds understand the importance of Jesus Christ in their lives.

Sunday School inspires the younger generations to become good Christians – in Church and society. It contributes towards educating and equipping the learners. Bible knowledge also helps to develop a sense of fellowship, and lays emphasis on personal salvation and Christian growth.

The Sunday School meets Every Sunday at 08.30 A.M. after the notices are announced during the morning Church Service.

Rev. Samuel Rajkiran Pillai