Women’s Church Fellowship

In July 2008 a group of dedicated ladies bound by an invisible chain of unity and concern for each other started off this Fellowship with a word of prayer. Age does not matter and it does not come in the way of active involvement both within the church and outside. Our band of 15 cheerful ladies are bound by a sense of unity and concern for one another – The love of God is experienced even as we share with one another. Bible study and Quizzes, Devotions, helps us to know more about His Word and the alternate Sunday morning fellowship means a lot to us. We pray for the overall situation in our country and our church and with one heart we intercede on behalf of those in trying situation. We plan to have some outreach programmes and to take time off from our daily chores to visit those who are ill at home or in hospital and lift them by encouraging words of hope and prayer. Through the year we plan to visit places and also to keep in touch with the home bound senior citizens of our Church and spend time with the bereaved families. The programmes planned are well balanced between social activities and fun activities which bind us in a close fellowship with one another. This, together with our spiritual activities, enriches us, making us stronger in our faith and walk with our Saviour. The talents and burdens shared amongst the members of our Women’s Fellowship have brought tremendous joy and an assurance of a loving God. As a group of women working together, we find much can be accomplished.

To us fellowship is when we exchange news about God’s wondrous direction and timely help in our lives. It’s also a time of sharing, enriching each other in the walk of faith and carefully reflecting on areas of study which we still need to be taught about and which would help us to understand the ways of God and equip us for greater ministry and challenges ahead of us.

We always remain thankful to God Almighty for the oneness, love, care and concern we enjoy with each other and we press on to be the women of strength and hope that in the journey of faith we will continue to enjoy fellowship and become strong. We request Women of our Church – young & old – to join the Women’s Fellowship and be blessed.

We now look forward to the Harvest Festival followed by the Christmas celebrations, before the year closes in on us and we seek God’s continued presence, His wisdom and guidance as we move in faith to meet the challenges.

Meeting every 2nd and 4th Sunday after the morning worship service.